After 70 years, one couple in China has recently relived their 1945 wedding day- Bridal and Formal

True love is undoubtedly one of the most valuable gifts we can receive in life. It can seem remarkably hard to come by — and once found, could prove to be hard to keep.

Nevertheless, we have witnessed many a compelling love story, shared by couples who have lived through tragedy and adversity.

Many of these married couples, like these lovebirds who recreated their 1975 wedding photos, have decided to bless their relationship for the second time, commemorating the years that they treasured together.

After 70 years, one couple in China has recently relived their 1945 wedding day — and the photos are stunning.

“They have been together for so long, going through the war, the political turmoil and diseases, and can still stay with each other and love each other,” their son told CNN.

Below, we recount their fascinating and unique love story, and see just how much they mean to each other.


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Cao Yuehua and Wang Deyi have been married for 70 years.

To ring in their anniversary, the couple was encouraged by their four children to recreate memories of their magical wedding day. The lovebirds renewed their vows at the Northern Hot Springs Park in southwest China, where they first tied the knot in 1945. The bride wore a shimmering gown similar to the one she donned decades ago, complete with a lovely train and veil. The pair first set eyes on each other in 1943 at a university-held ball, attended by students who had evacuated from enemy-occupied regions during World War II. Their son recounted to CNN, “My dad asked my mom for a dance and they fell in love with each other almost at first sight.” Not long afterward, Cao was sent overseas to India to be an interpreter for an U.S. Army General. He was drafted so quickly, that he didn’t even have time to say goodbye to his sweetheart. As he sat in the military truck on his way to the airport, he saw one of their mutual friends by chance. “Tell Wang Deyi I am heading for India!” he had shouted.


They kept in touch by sending letters through the military mail service. Cao had tucked this photograph of himself with his first letter to Wang. Over the months, they exchanged countless letters, and even shared several English love poems. Though not stationed on the frontlines of battle, Cao still achingly longed for home, and for his love. “He was an interpreter, not a soldier. Certainly, he was frightened by the bullets and bombs in the real battlefield,” their son continued. “He told my mom that she was the first one that came into his mind when he was desperately crouching in the damp trenches. Finally, he was able to return home in August 1945. After more than a year apart, they reunited at the railway station. Moments after reuniting, Cao proposed to Wang with a ruby ring that he had brought back from Myanmar. “My darling, I’m back,” he said. This proposal marked only the beginning of their great journey in life together. “Their relationship is so strong that even in the darkest time during the Cultural Revolution, when my dad was segregated for trail because of his service for the U.S. Army, they trusted each other and supported each other to get over the adversities,” said their son. Since retiring, the couple has regularly gone back to the place where they first met, and visited the universities where they had studied. “My parents are 98 this year,” said their son. “Nowadays, they can barely remember many things in their life, but they can recite the love poems they wrote to each other during the wartime.” May we all live, laugh, and love as long as Cao and Weng!


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