The Wedding of Anna & Steve – Bridal and Formal

The entire week prior to our wedding, it rained every day. On the day of our wedding, the Fourth of July, it magically cleared up with not a cloud in the sky. No soggy ground, and a perfect temperature in the low 70s. My two college son’s escorted me to the aisle where my older brother walked me to my groom. My groom had no children, and he actually had the Judge add to his vow,s “Will you accept her children as your children, and their children as your grandchildren?” He turned and looked and them both and said “I will.” One of a kind for sure.

Absolutely LOVED working with Karen!!!!!! She made me feel like I was the most beautiful bride she had ever seen and what a special wonderful day when I went to pick up my gown. She was there waiting for me with champagne and chocolate covered strawberries!!!! WHO DOES THAT???!!!! Karen. Amazing, lovely woman.

Karen took the time to ask me questions, had me send her photos of gowns I had seen that I had had an interest in, emailed me back with websites for me to pursue…..And this was all before my first personal appointment with her! When I arrived for my appointment, she had already chosen many gowns ahead that she though I would like. She was dead on. Love that woman!

Thank you!


Anna G.






Bridal Gown by: Mori Lee, style 1286 and in the Light Gold color.

Bridal Belt by: Watters, style 19901 and in the Champagne color.

Bridal Veil by: Paris by Debra Moreland, style Fine Feathers and in the Blush color.

Bridal Headpiece by: Paris by Debra Moreland, style Norma Desmond and in the Silver/Clear color.

Bridal Earrings by: Paris by Debra Moreland, style Raven and in the Silver/Clear color.

Ceremony Location: Mansion

Reception Location: Elks

Photography: Mears Photography




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