15 Faboulus Grand Exits for the wedding.

Here are just a few examples on how to make a Grand Exit from the wedding ceremony or the reception. Fun and memorable ways to make everyone feel involved with the wedding. CONFETTI BALLOONS SILLY STRING   BEACH BALLS BIRD SEED   BUBBLES FIREWORKS GLOW STICKS HOT AIR BALLOON LANTERNS   SPARKLERS COLORED … [Read more...]

Fun Friday — The most entertaining way to get in shape for your wedding! Prancersize!!!

Prancersize your way to a Gorgeous bridal look! We could not resist!! http://youtu.be/qdN2JAXWfK4 … [Read more...]

15 Adorable Ways to Include Your Pet in Your Wedding

Pets are a really important part of  a lot of people's lives. They are like part of the family. So what better way to show your love and appreciation for your pet than having them be part of your special day.     … [Read more...]