Thoughtful Thursday – Thought into your wedding hair style

When it comes to weddings, every bride wants long hair. Why? Because there are so many options! You can do pretty much anything with long hair. So before you decide which hairstyle to wear for your wedding, take a look at these ten vintage hairstyles for your wedding! … [Read more...]

Thoughtful Thursday – Metallic Cakes

For this Thoughtful Thursday, we wanted to help you put a little thought into your wedding cake. We noticed that the metallic tread for cakes is still going strong for this year. We searched through the internet to find you some amazing wedding cakes with the metallic theme to them. These cakes will definitely shine at your reception. … [Read more...]

Thoughtful Thursday – Gown Remade

For this Thoughtful Thursday we are taking a different take on the blog. This blog will give you a special idea on what you could do with your wedding gown after the ceremony and the thoughtfulness of one bride to share her story and pictures with her sales consultant from 6 years ago.This past Tuesday our sales consultant, Cynthia,  received a special surprise from one of her past brides. Anna … [Read more...]

Thoughtful Thursday – Save the Date Photos

There are a million different ways to let your guest know about your upcoming nuptials and we have searched the internet to find you some creative ways to announce your wedding date. We hope that these pictures inspire you to come up with some fun and creative photos. … [Read more...]

Thoughtful Thursday – Sweetheart Table

Here are some "sweet" ideas for your Sweetheart Table. We hope that these pictures inspire you to do something amazing for your Sweetheart Table! … [Read more...]

Thoughtful Thursday – Winter Wedding Photos

We are helping you put a little thought into your winter wedding photos. We have searched for some beautiful winter weddings to help inspire you. … [Read more...]

Thoughtful Thursday – Card Box Ideas

Putting a little thought into the card box for all of your cards. We have searched the web to find some really amazing card boxes to help inspire you. … [Read more...]

Thoughtful Thursday – “Our Love Story”

Here are some great ideas to show off your own "Love Story" at  your wedding.We hope you enjoy some of these pictures that we have searched the web for you. … [Read more...]

Thoughtful Thursday – 5 steps to writing your own wedding vows

Are you deciding about writing your own vows for your wedding? We have found a really good website that has you covered.source: to Write Your Own Wedding VowsIf you and your future spouse are writing your own vows, you have the opportunity to create a very personalized experience that will touch your guests and … [Read more...]

Thoughtful Thursday – Wedding Cake

Putting a little thought into your wedding cake. We know that there are some people out there that do not like cake and we found some really great ideas to an alternative wedding cake. … [Read more...]