Bobbi & Bridal and Formal are AWESOME!

I had a great experience at bridal and formal. I was very overwhelmed looking around all the different stores in the bridal district and I was pleasantly surprised by them. I appreciated that the dresses were separated by designer and the racks were in order from least expensive to most expensive designer. Bobbi was the lady that helped me. She was extremely pleasant and helpful, even though on my first visit I made it clear that I wouldn’t be buying anything. I explained to her that my mother was working out of town and I was waiting for her to come home. She showed me their live camera outside of the dressing, which makes it possible for someone out of town to see you in all the dresses you try on. When I came back the second time, Bobbi remembered me, and even asked me if my mom was in town. She helped me try on 15-20 dresses. I didn’t feel rushed at all, and she gave me honest feedback on the dresses I was trying on ( even if she was recommending a cheaper dress). Overall, I had a great experience there, and so did my bridesmaids. The prices are decent as well.

Coincidentally, my gown and the bridesmaids dresses are the same brand, and they happened to be 30% off in may. My bridesmaids paid $123 for their dresses, and I got mine for about $650 ( and that wasn’t settling, my budget was $1300). I really can’t rave enough about them. They were extremely helpful, and I know several of my bridesmaids were very pleased and will probably go there as well.

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