Cynthia made the impossible dream come true!

Dear Cynthia,

I felt it necessary when writing thank you’s to extend my deepest appreciation to you.  It is because of you that I found my dress!!I must say as a wedding photographer I  came into this a bit jaded.  I didn’t enjoy dress shopping as I felt I had already lived it.  I felt certain there was not a dress for me but you found it!!!  I must admit when I put that dress on I felt awesome and excited about the day I would marry a great man.  It was a unique feeling to share the experience of finding my dress with you and my Mom.  Thank you for making my day special and assisting me in what I thought would be impossible.  Our jobs can often be thankless so, I’m thanking you for being you.

GOD BLESS, love,

Cassie W.

P.S.  Our wedding day was more than fabulous!!

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