I truly felt like a princess!

When I first arrived at Bridal and Formal I was somewhat overwhelmed! I mean, how would I ever find “the dress” in a store with over 4,000 gowns?! As Iris approached me and began to ask what I had in mind, I told her and handed her some pictures that I had printed from websites and some that I had ripped from magazines. None of the pictures were exact dresses that I wanted…I wanted a combination of them. After I scurried through the store thinking I’d never find my dream dress, I picked out 5 dresses to try on. Iris took me to the dressing room and I began to put them on. I didn’t love any of them. Then she pulled out another dress that I had not seen. She said “I think we may have your dream dress. It has all of what you told me you wanted. It’s a little out of your price range, but I think we can work with you.” I stepped into the dress and she began to lace me up. It was then I knew that I had found my wedding dress. I walked out and showed my family and they too thought it was perfect. Iris put my hair in a quick updo, decked me out in jewelry, and put a veil on me. I could not have found a more prefect dress for our big day! I truly felt like a princess! Now I am happily married to my Prince Charming! Thank you to Bridal and Formal and especially to Iris who helped me find the perfect dress!!!

Danielle O.

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