I was beyond lucky enough to be greeted by Maura!

Before coming into Bridal and Formal, I read some online views saying the staff at Bridal and Formal were unfriendly. I have to say that was not my experience at all! I had an appointment first thing on a Saturday morning. It was also the day of the Maggie Sottero trunk show so as you can imagine there were a lot of brides and their guests looking for “the dress”. When the doors opened, the staff did a wonderful job of getting the girls organized and assigned a consultant. I was beyond lucky enough to be greeted by Maura who became my consultant. She asked a few questions to what I was looking for and it was like she read my mind when she chose the 3 dresses for me to try on. I fell in love with the first two. Even though it was a busy day she didn’t make me feel rushed once. She took me to get my hair done up and added beautiful jewelry and veil. She did this for me for both dresses I loved! The veil wasn’t just thrown on me like at other salons. They all took their time in making the brides feel special. She gave me much appreciated input. I was feeling very confused between the two dresses so she set me down on one of the comfy couches and got me a bottle of water. She even gave me and my guest time alone to talk and think things over. After that I felt like I needed to go for a walk and just think about the dresses. Maura was not aggressive or angry that I needed to leave to think, which you sometimes get from bridal consultants when you don’t buy a gown right then and there. I ended up coming back to Bridal and Formal later that day about 2 hours before closing. I did not have an appointment at this point so I wasn’t sure if I would get helped right away. I, of course, asked for Mara and said that I wanted to put the dresses back on. Maura was busy with another Bride but she came down to say hello and made sure she told another consultant which dresses I wanted, about my venue, and promised she would come see me once I had the dresses on. The consultant that was helping me now was Amber. She was a delight as well. She had been there all day dealing with the rush of brides and she was still very positive towards me. Actually, all the consultants were still smiling just like they were when we arrived at 9:30 am. Honestly, if they didn’t want to be smiling I would completely understand. They were working very hard all day. Amber put me in the gowns and was very helpful. She was fun and sweet to work with! Even though this was my second time in there, they still took me to put my hair up and added the veil. Nobody ever gave me attitude at all even though I made them put me in and out of the same dresses multiple times! haha I also want to add that Maura did come find me to see me in the dresses. I ended up buying the dress of my dreams thanks to the Bridal and Formal! I really did appreciate how attentive all your staff was. Also, Zack helped me at the register. He was very thorough in making sure everything was correct and very nice to work with as well. I just wanted to give a big thank you to all the staff at Bridal and Formal for providing me with a positive shopping experience! I can’t wait for the day I get to come back in to pick up my wedding dress!

-Jessica C.

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