Kymberly is the BOMB!

Bridal and Formal was my second stop of the day and my third store in bridal shopping. As soon as I walked in and met Kymberly, she asked me what I wanted in a dress. I told her I really didn’t know and was overwhelmed. I put on a dress that my m om and I picked from the rack. The dress was beautiful, but she could tell that wasn’t going to be my dress. As I was standing in front of her in the dressing room, feeling defeated, she looked at me and said, “We are going to find your dress today. Wait here and I’ll go get it.” She came back with the dress, I put it on and rejoices, “I love it!” My bridesmaids and mom could here me exclaiming as I stepped out, and we all knew that was my dress. Kymberly is amazing in that she knew very little about me, about what I really wanted, yet knew exactly what I had in mind. She is a mind reader and a miracle worker! She was wonderful to work with and an awesome hugger! 

Thank you so much Kymberly for making the dress buying experience successful!



Julie B

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