“Love Note”

Dear Stacy & Amber…
Thank you soooooo much for the exceptional service and fun provided this past Saturday, June 16th, to all of us!   Katie was excited to get her girls out and shopping for dresses and to be quite honest, the experience at another store earlier that day, did not leave us with a good feeling!!   The girls had fun, felt at ease, and did not feel overwhelmed at all!!   There was absolutely no pressure from Staci, which was refreshing!!
When Katie wanted to try her dress on for the girls, it was easy and comfortable!   I knew the service was good since I had been an employee a while ago, but being the Mother of the Bride this time…you made me soooo happy!!
I know that many people have good experiences but I also know that you normally hear from the ones who aren’t happy!!   I hope you accept this “love note” as our gratitude for a job well done!!Thanks to both of you and all of my friends in bridesmaids!!!
Lisa Houser

(Katie Houser’s mom!)

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