I cannot say enough about my experience here and more specifically, my experience with Maura.

I did a lot of research on where to purchase my dress. I packed up my mom and my two maids of honor and treked it from Columbus to Cincy the day after Christmas. I had five separate appointments at different boutiques but B&F was the first. It was overwhelming at first as there are SO many to chose from. They are all stored in plastic bags, so getting a good idea of what you were looking at was very tough. While I was busy going through every one of them, my mom told our consultant, Maura, what I was looking for. Maura went and chose the dress that matched the description. This was the first dress I tried on…and the dress that I eventually bought. Let me reiterate – we told Maura what we were looking for, and she chose the perfect dress! I knew it when I first tried it on, however I wasn’t ready to pull the trigger just yet, it was the first wedding dress I tried on. It was about $300 over my budget and I wanted to see what else was out there. I visited the shop across the street and their customer service did not come close to what we received from Maura. We were exhausted. We stopped and got lunch then went back to try on that first dress. My eyes just lit up when I put it on and they found the perfect accessories to enhance the dress but not take away from it. I purchased the dress and they offered me a deal that brought it into my price range. My dad has been pretty engaged in this whole process and he really wanted to see it…so we drove back down to Cincy to try it on one more time. The staff didn’t require us to have an appointment…they just let me come in and try it on. It came in almost a month early…but I wanted to lose more weight before I tried it on again. When I came in to pick it up, they made me feel like a princess. Took me to the event lighting space and Maura stopped to say hello. She was like part of the family at that point, and I completely trusted her. She was honest when she told me that she did or did not like something. I cannot say enough about my experience here and more specifically, my experience with Maura.

Stephanie C.

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