Thoughtful Thursday – Gown Remade

For this Thoughtful Thursday we are taking a different take on the blog. This blog will give you a special idea on what you could do with your wedding gown after the ceremony and the thoughtfulness of one bride to share her story and pictures with her sales consultant from 6 years ago.

This past Tuesday our sales consultant, Cynthia,  received a special surprise from one of her past brides. Anna Kathryn came into the shop with one of her friends to help her look for bridal gowns. Cynthia was her sales consultant and this is where this thoughtful story begins.

Anna Kathryn told Cynthia that she helped her 6 years ago and purchased a Casablanca Gown from her. She was so excited to see Cynthia again and Cynthia was also excited to reconnect with one of her brides. Anna Kathryn then told Cynthia that she had her gown made into a christening gown for her new baby.

Anna Kathryn was so nice to send us some pictures of her in her wedding gown and pictures of her baby in the christening gown. She has also written an amazing letter.

Bridal Gown by: Casablanca

Wedding Photography by: Kari McGrath photography

Baptism Photography by: Becky Willard photography

Christening Gown by: Fairy Godmother Creations


My name is Anna-Kathryn (Henderson) Kline. Six years ago I came to bridal and formal without any idea of what kind of wedding dress I wanted. In fact, I really didn’t even want a formal wedding, but my mom convinced me to at least go to a store and take a look.

Cynthia was my attendant. She was so pleasant and patient with me as I gave her the vaguest description of what I might like. She pulled about 5 dresses to start with. Maybe it was luck or maybe Cynthia just pinned my personality right away, but the first dress was it! I didn’t even need to try on the others (though i did and she happily helped me). She had found something that perfectly fit my personality. I was so excited! The only problem was that it was slightly out of my price range. Cynthia told me not to worry about it.  I hope she didn’t get in trouble because i saw her arguing with the manager in the corner. I guess she won the argument though because i went home with that dress – my dream dress. Somehow the dress started something in me and by the time we got back into Kentucky I had decided to have a wedding. The dress was by far my favorite part of the wedding. People still comment on what a beautiful dress I had.

Five years later we found out we were having our first baby. We were so excited! There was never a question in my mind about my next plan. You see, I loved that wedding dress so much that I wanted to keep it in the family like an heirloom. I contacted the Fairy Godmother in Dayton, Ohio. 8 weeks later I had my heirloom baptism gown made from my wedding dress!

The wedding gown now baptism gown is a treasured symbol of the love and commitment between my husband and me. The dress was there on December 20, 2008 when our family formed and it will be there for generations of Klines to come.

I’m so thankful I happened upon Bridal and Formal with my sweet friend who was looking for her wedding dress. And I’m so thankful Cynthia was there so i could thank her for helping me pick the perfect dress. You don’t always get a chance to thank people who play a passing, but meaningful part in your life. Cynthia and Bridal and Formal are always remembered with a smile.


Anna-Kathryn Kline

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