The Wedding of Claire & Zach

We just received these absolutely beautiful pictures from our friends at The Renauds Wedding Photography in Lexington! Thank you so much for sharing with us and our Bride, Claire looked gorgeous in her gown!

Bridal Gown by: Claire Pettibone, Brigitte

Photography by: The Renauds Wedding Photography,

ClaireandZach-16 ClaireandZach-30 ClaireandZach-43 ClaireandZach-48 ClaireandZach-148 ClaireandZach-149 ClaireandZach-158 ClaireandZach-162 ClaireandZach-179 ClaireandZach-192 ClaireandZach-198 ClaireandZach-199 ClaireandZach-201 ClaireandZach-207 ClaireandZach-215 ClaireandZach-281 ClaireandZach-282 ClaireandZach-320 ClaireandZach-332 ClaireandZach-389 ClaireandZach-392 ClaireandZach-393 ClaireandZach-397 ClaireandZach-401 ClaireandZach-402 ClaireandZach-409 ClaireandZach-410 ClaireandZach-497 ClaireandZach-518 ClaireandZach-531 ClaireandZach-611 ClaireandZach-612 ClaireandZach-640 ClaireandZach-689 ClaireandZach-825 ClaireandZach-913 ClaireandZach-945

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