You are out of your mind if you think you will get better service somewhere else!!

I was very nervous when I arrived at the store because I didn’t know what to expect and I was afraid that I wouldn’t get the attention/help I wanted even though I had an appointment. I also became even more overwhelmed when we were shown the racks and racks of dresses. Luckily I had my mom and my bridesmaids with me and they went to work pulling dresses. Bobbi came up and introduced herself to all of us and instantly made me feel more at ease. When she took us back to the fitting room it was this really big room with a bunch of girls basically stripping down in front of each other, trying on dresses. Bobbi could tell I wasn’t comfortable with that and she automatically took me to a private dressing room. I probably pulled about 10-12 dresses and had the perfect idea of what I wanted (in my head) but the first dress wouldn’t go over my hips and the second dress wouldn’t go over my boobs. I started to get discouraged, especially after seeing all of the other girls in beautiful gowns easily trying on dress after dress. On top of that, I have worked my butt off since I got engaged last Christmas to lose weight and even refused to try on dresses until this day. I successfully lost about 30 pounds so you can imagine my frustration in the dressing room when the first 2 dresses didn’t fit me. I am a very curvy girl with big boobs and hips but my waist is small and I am about 5″4 so it is hard to find anything that fits me. Bobbi could tell I was upset. She picked up the second dress that wouldn’t go over my boobs and said, “put your arms through the sleeves and look in the mirror, I want you to at least know what you will look like with it on”. So I did. I looked horrible, the dress was not me at all and it made me look a lot older than I was. She said, “see, this dress wasn’t meant for you anyways!” From that moment on I knew I was in good hands, I let Bobbi put back all the dresses I had previously pulled and let her do her own thing, I tried on everything she brought me and each dress looked better and better on me. Some of these dresses were ones that I would have NEVER even looked twice at. After about 5 dresses and a bottle of water Bobbi brought me another dress to try on. As she was pinning me up I felt my smile get bigger and bigger and I told her I thought it was the one. She made sure all of my girls and my mom were back by the platform before I came out and we all knew it was the one. My mom started crying and I couldn’t stop cheesing. I said “yes” to the dress… and a veil… and a head piece haha. I cannot express to you in words how great and beautiful and happy Bobbi made me feel that day. I was discouraged and upset and nervous and she was open and caring and REAL. Not one time did she push anything on me or make me feel awkward or uncomfortable. She didn’t try to up-sell me or make me feel rushed. No matter how busy it got, she was right by my side until I walked out of the door. She knew what I wanted before I did. And I can’t thank her enough for just being who she is, She is amazing and I am truly grateful to have had her as my consultant. We drove 3 hours from West Virginia to come to this store and it was worth the drive! You are out of your mind if you think you will get better service somewhere else!! I love you Bobbi!!!!!!

Thank you!!!!!

Jessica J.

visit 10-13-12

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