5 Things You Should Bring With You When Going Bridesmaid Shopping.


While you want to wear a dress that is in line with your style and also something the bride is happy with, it is important to come to the process prepared and ready. Bring these five things with you when you go bridesmaid dress shopping.


  1. You will definitely be trying on a bunch of different styles to make sure you’re prepared by bringing in two of out favorite bras with. Maybe one with straps and one without.
  2. Make sure you bring your favorite heel height with you so you can get a better idea of how the dress will look when it’s not hanging on the ground. It’s OK if you don’t know what shoes you will be wearing that day, just make sure you bring your favorite dress up shoes with you.
  3. When you see the bridesmaid dress for the first time that your Bride has picked out, you might be a little disappointed or it may not feel like it’s you. Make sure to bring some of your favorite dress up accessories to try on with the gown so you can add your personal touch to the dress.
  4. When trying on the dress, it can be a little stressful and a little bit hectic. Walk into the process with an open mind and supporting the bride when she shows you options. Speak up when something doesn’t feel like it looks or feels right on you.
  5. Feel free to bring with you Spanx or other undergarments to hold you in underneath the dresses. Bring with you whatever is going to make dress shopping experience fun and stress-free.

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