Maids Monday – Appointments

What to expect when you come in for your Bridesmaids Appointment.

When you set up your appointment, they are set for an hour and a half time frames. We only take 4 appointments at a time in those time frames. We have 4 reserved rooms set aside for our appointments. When setting up an appointment, please let us know how many people will be with you when you come in so we can put you in a reserved room that will accommodate your party. Please note that when your appointment time is up and we are busy, we ask that you move to one of our open fitting rooms so our next appointment can use the reserved room. We will still help you just like we did when you are in the reserved room. If you are just finishing up with your appointment and we are writing information down for you or if we are starting the ordering process, we might just ask you to share the room with the next appointment until you are finished. 

Our appointments do not guarantee that you will have one consultant to stay with you the whole time that you are here. When we are busy, our staff will have to help out other parties as well. This does not mean that you will be completely left alone with no one to help you. Our staff has been trained very well to help multiple parties and will always come in to check on you and to help you with swatches and to help pull other dresses at times. We also have our manager out on the floor to help assist our staff and to help you as well.


This is Reserved Room #1. We like to call this room The Fireplace Room. In this room, it offers two private dressing rooms to change in. We will usually put our appointments in here if you  have a total of up to about 4 people coming with you.


We have split up our Mother’s Department and have put our Couture dresses in this department as well. In this room we have our Reserved Rooms for #2 and for #3. In this space we try to put parties that have at the most 5 people with them.

RM 2-3

This is our last Reserved Room that we offer. This is Room #4 and this is one of our big open fitting rooms. In this room we try put our larger parties in here, 6 or more with the bride. In our open fitting rooms we do have 2 screens that you can go behind to change into the dresses.


One of our most popular questions when making an appointment is if you are allowed to bring in drinks and/or food for the appointment. We do allow this and we just ask that it stays in the dressing rooms and to be careful that it does not spill on the dresses or on the floor.

We try to accommodate everyone that walks in through our doors when we are at our busiest and we love to have customers that are friendly, fun and considerate of others. Our staff is fun to work with and to be around with. Please give us a call, 513.821.6622, or go to our website,, if you are interested in setting up an appointment in our Bridesmaids Department. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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