New Mother’s Designer – Ursula of Switzerland, Mother-of-the-Bride Wedding

Since 1994, Ursula’s focus on Mother-of-the-Bride, for the petite, missy and plus sized woman, has found her a winning niche in over 5000 Better Bridal Stores. We also sell internationally to Mexico, Canada, England and Australia. The URSULA OF SWITZERLAND, INC.’S “Made in America” Collections are renown internationally for the consistent quality, fit, styling and value along with the recognizable aura of femininity and elegance. Perfect in any wedding. In September 1992, Ursula assumed the post of President and sole owner of URSULA OF SWITZERLAND, INC.



Style, 31287 in a size 12 and in the Black color. Price retails for around $445.






Style, 31287 in a size 18 and in the Bermuda color. Retails for around $455









Style, 33231 in a size 18 and in the Charcoal/Black color. Retails for around $480.










Style, 43177 in a size 20W and in the Charcoal color. Retails for around $465.


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