New Jim Hjelm Occasions Bridesmaids Gowns Spring 2016 Collection Wedding


The new Spring 2016 Occasions Collection from Jim Hjelm are a work of art. The thought that went into the backs of the bridesmaid gowns are simply stunning. The fabrics range from chiffon, tulle and dupioni – which is making a huge come back in the bridesmaids gowns. We are looking forward to having some of these samples here in our store.

BM-01 BM-02 BM-03 BM-04 BM-05 BM-06 BM-07 BM-08 BM-09 BM-10 BM-11 BM-12 BM-13 BM-14 BM-15 BM-16 BM-17 BM-18 BM-19 BM-20 BM-21 BM-22 BM-23 BM-24 BM-25 BM-26 BM-27

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