Bridal and Formal is “So Cincinnati”

Bridal and Formal was featured on WKRC – CBS 12 on April 5th.

So Cincinnati: Bridal and Formal in Reading



So Cincinnati Bridal and Formal in Reading – Cincinnati news story LOCAL 12 WKRC-TV in Cincinnati

The largest bridal store in the United States is not in New York City or Los Angeles.    It’s in Reading, Ohio.
Bridal and Formal offers women a selection of more than 4000 wedding gowns all under one roof.  Local 12’s Tiffany Wilson shows us why Reading’s bridal district is So Cincinnati.

First the ring — then the matrimonial three ring circus.  More often than not, when brides start thinking about the big day — they head to Bridal and Formal first.  “We are not a stuffy salon, we try to be part of your family when you pick your dress.”  The salon started as a mom and pop shop forty years ago.   It continues to be family owned — but no one can call the sprawling store small.  These racks hold more dresses than any other bridal store in America, about 4000 in all.  And they’ve got something for brides of every shape, size and budget.    “We carry every major designer. When you flip over a magazine and see Vera Wang, Mori Lee, we carry all of the branded designers.”   Important because designers typically sign with one store per region.  Since Monique Lhuillier is here — you won’t find her dresses anywhere within 300 miles. “In almost any other city, you will have to go from store to store to store.”

Brides from around the world come to Cincinnati just to shop at Bridal and Formal. “We’ve had brides fly in from England, the Middle East, Mexico, Canada.”  Even though I’ve already been a bride (and yes I did get my dress here), I figured I’d put Tina Minshall to the test.  “Okay Tina, I got married 15 months ago, but I still want that bridal experience maybe one more time, if you had to pick out a dress for me, what would it be?” Tina’s so good, now I’m rethinking the original wedding dress I wore.  “Honey, I think we might need to renew our vows.”
Clearly — I’m not the only one who’s found the one at Bridal and Formal.

Bride Karen Zeph had double success. “This is the dress I got for my bridesmaids for April, it’s a nice spring look.”

With a steady bevy of brides streaming down Benson Street — two dozen other wedding related businesses have opened.  “We’re really a one stop shop for all their wedding needs.”
From invites to advice, Stacy Shiring offers the newly engaged a helping hand.   She now plans to expand.  A block away, Patricia Lang credits Bridal and Formal with some of her custom cake success. “I definitely think it’s a plus, sometimes on Saturday, you can’t walk through the showroom it’s so busy with people.”

Bridal and Formal says they love supporting the local small businesses — and they love being in the business of love.   “It’s one of the most emotional purchases you can make, so we try to make it easy and fun.”


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