I can’t say enough how wonderful the staff was!

Erica Walker

From Google Reviews, in the last week.
My sister is getting married so we decided to take a day trip from Louisville to Cincinnati to check out the stores in the Cincinnati Bridal District. We’d been to several other bridal stores before this trip. Everyone was always very nice and proper with a hint of the pushy sales person or fake enthusiasm. But our experience at Bridal and Formal was quite different. We walked in to a very nice front desk area that separated the wedding dress area from the bridesmaid area. They were very warm with greeting us and immediately started setting up my sister with a consultant even though we didn’t have an appointment. The first store we’d walked into that day had ignored us for a good 10 minutes while we stood by the front desk. So it was refreshing to see that even though Bridal and Formal was busy with other customers, they recognized us immediately. The woman who checked us told us our consultant would be with us shortly and while we were waiting she showed us to where the dresses were and showed us where to hang the dresses we selected. She even pointed out which aisles of dresses to ignore based on the dress description my sister had given. The room with the wedding dresses was sorted by designer, with everything in plastic bags. But the big thing was that the racks were set up so that there was enough space for multiple people to get through and you could actually look at something without having to take it off the rack. Our consultant showed up shortly after we started digging into the dresses. She focused on my sister and talked to her a bit before she tried on dresses. So we gather up the 6 dresses we selected and went back to the dressing room. The consultant was very quick about getting my sister into the dresses and gave good opinions. My sister put on the dress she would end up selecting and just loved it. The consultant brought a veil for her and then took her into “the sparkle room” that had better lighting. My sister loved it so much that the consultant recommended we go outside to see what it looked like in the sun since her ceremony is going to be outside. All the while the entire staff would pop by and fawn over my sister and how amazing the dress was. On the way outside she got to parade through the entire store with everyone admiring her. It really made the experience special. My sister had never gotten this much attention at any of the other bridal stores. After going outside there was yet another “sparkle room” to see the dress in. This was the classier area off the reception room that had luxurious furniture and floor-to-ceiling mirrors. They also had a showcase or hair combs which the consultant picked from and placed in my sister’s hair to finish off the look. It was absolutely stunning. So after this wonderful experience my sister chose the dress. And they gave us 20% off the veil and any bridesmaid dresses we might purchase from them in the future. I can’t say enough how wonderful the staff was. They were professional but casual and fun at the same time. My sister got the perfect dress for a real deal of a price and we couldn’t be happier. Anyone visiting the Cincinnati Bridal District definitely needs to make a stop here.

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