New Steven Birnbaum Gowns have arrived for your Wedding.

The Steven Birnbaum Bridal Collection

Chic and modern Steven Birnbaum’s “All American Girl” captures every ones heart and eye as she enters any venue. Steven’s uncomplicated styling, combines references from classic American sportswear with uncomplicated feminine silhouettes, The Steven Birnbaum Collection is a breath of fresh air without compromising a moment of sophistication.



  1. Erica Hils says:

    I was looking at your newest addition (Birnbaum) and I was concerned about the quality of the fabric. It looks like it doesn’t photograph well, is this accurate? Can you give me a basic price range of how much they run, please? I have a generous budget and want to make sure that visiting your shop would be worth my time. I look forward to your response.

    Erica Hils

    • We only have about 4 gowns in the store as of right now from Steven Birnbaum. These gowns are ranged from about $2900 and go up from there. Our general price range for all of our gowns start at about $600 and go up to about $10,000. Please let us know if there is anything else that we can help you with.

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