Sensual and Feminine Gowns.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

New La Sposa Gowns

La Sposa, by St. Patrick offers sweet shapes and full skirts. Whether you are a classic bride or traditional, this designer offers nearly 100 styles that will make you feel like a true princess on your wedding day. We are highlighting just 3 new gowns that have arrived in our store. After scrolling through, please give us a call at 513-821-6622 to book your appointment.


PAKISTAN: Elegant mermaid wedding dress in which the crepe skirt meets tulle and lace at the waist to form a bodice with illusions where thread embroidery appliqués and beading create a second-skin effect. A bodice with a detachable lining that lets the bride play down the sheerness while leaving a very deep V back. A very sensual and very feminine dress. We have this gown in our store in a sample size 10 and in the OffWhite/Crystal/Nude color.


PARAGUAY: Some dresses become one with the bride, like this sensational low-waist mermaid wedding dress . A bodice with illusions in which the embroidered tulle and beaded appliqués seem to be drawn directly on the skin. A dress that enhances the sensuality of the wearer. This dress has a detachable lining that can be worn with it to play down the sheerness. A dress that suits every taste, while maintaining its characteristic romanticism. We have this gown in our store in a sample size 12 and in the OffWhite/Crystal/Nude color.


PASTORA: The fabric is the star of this romantic mermaid wedding dress. A figure-hugging dress that stylizes the silhouette while accentuating the sensuality of the woman who wears it. The lace and tulle merge with the skin in a lovely V-neck, with a spectacular back decorated with illusions. Crystal tulle and thread embroidery appliqués adorn the straps and back. A design with a low waist and lacy spaghetti straps that will win you over instantly. We have this gown in our store in a sample size 8 and in the OffWhite/Crystal/Beige color.



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