19 Insanely Clever Things You’ll Wished You Did For Your Wedding

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Nobody likes a boring wedding!

It’s easy to look back on your wedding day and wish you did this or wish you did that. Especially when you see a fantastic idea on Pinterest or other wedding websites and you immediately wish you thought of that for your own wedding! Well we’re doing the looking for you, and posting ideas that we know will be a hit at your wedding and that you’ll kick yourself for not doing later. These ideas are so fun, practical, or wildly unique that they’re definitely worth sharing.

Source: WomanGettingMarried

1. Number Your RSVPs with a Blcklight


2. Have Guest Fill Out Important Dates To Remember


3. Have The Groom Write A Love Note On Your Wedding Shoes


4. Write Love Noted To Each Other To Open On A Special Anniversary


5. Creat Fun Table Numbers To Correspong With Your Ages


6. Give Each Table a Lyric or Song Title


7. Help Guests Keep Their Drinks While Dancing


8. Have an Artist Paint Your Wedding Ceremony or Reception


9. Or Hire a Sketch Artist as a Wedding Favor


10. Surprise Your Mom With a First


11. And Don’t Forget to Let Your Dad Know How Much You Love Him, Too!


12. Give Your Flowergirl a Keepsake She Will Always Remember


13. Have Each Wedding Guest Take a Photo of Themselves


14. Give Guests To-Go Boxes for Cake


15. Create a Wedding Soundtrack


16. Buy a Newspaper On Your Wedding Day


17. Have a Sparkler Sendoff


18. Or Create a Magical Sendoff with a Lantern Release


19. Bring Flats to Wear!

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