This 2-Year-Old Thought A Bride Was The Princess From Her Favorite Book And The Photos Are Perfect

Sunday, August 13, 2017

It’s not every day you meet a princess. So when a 2-year-old spotted a “princess” in her neighborhood back in February, she could hardly contain her excitement.

Shandace Robertson had just married Scott Robertson in Ballard, a neighborhood of Seattle, and had stepped outside to take photos, Scott told BuzzFeed News.
“This young mother and her young child happened to be walking by, and my wife and this little girl caught each others’ gaze, smiled, and started interacting,” he said. “My wife loves kids, so she saw this cute little girl, and this cute little girl saw my beautiful wife.”
The toddler’s mother said her daughter was particularly excited because she thought Shandace was the “princess” on the cover of her “favorite book.”

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