23 Wedding Succulents That Will Make You Forget About All Other Flowers

23 Ways To Use Succulents In Your Wedding
  1. In a bouquet with zero flowers.Succulents-01

  2. They shine even more when things are kept really, really simple.Succulents-02

  3. Perfect for a flower crown that won’t wilt.Succulents-03
  4. Or just stick some air plants in your glamorous updo.Succulents-04
  5. Add them to your wedding invitations.Succulents-05
  6. Create a Photo Booth with them.Succulents-06
  7. Line the aisle way with these potted Succulents.Succulents-07
  8. Create an awesome ceremony alterSucculents-08
  9. Use them in the shape of your monogram as a centerpiece.Succulents-09
  10. You can also spell out an important message.Succulents-10
  11. You can also create a DIY centerpiece with them.Succulents-11
  12. They look perfectly rustic when you nestle them in a wooden round with some moss and candles.Succulents-12
  13. They also look great with a bunch of friends in a decorative bowl.Succulents-13
  14. Think about how much money you can save by substituting elaborate floral centerpieces for a row of succulents and candles.Succulents-14
  15. Or for a lineup of eye-catching cacti.Succulents-15
  16. A single cactus frond makes a pop on place settings.Succulents-16
  17. And also a tiny air plant.Succulents-17
  18. They look awesome as boutonnieres.Succulents-18
  19. The add some major impact to a small wedding cake.Succulents-19
  20. They also jazz up a fancy multi-tiered cake.Succulents-20
  21. You can spray-paint them gold for some real classy escort card holders.Succulents-21
  22. They make for practical and affordable favors.Succulents-22
  23. And when all else fails, displaying them together will always be a showstopping option.Succulents-23

SOURCE: BuzzFeed

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