3 Airmen Ride The Escalator – But Keep Your Eyes On What Happens To The One In The Back

When his girlfriend Robin called to inform him that she was returning home from her deployment in Afghanistan, Ben Dellucca was elated. The couple had not been together for quite a while, and they missed each other dearly. However, when she told him when and where she landing, Dellucca responded by saying that he would not be able to welcome her home.

While this may be a red flag for some of us, there’s a good reason behind this. Dellucca had planned an amazing surprise, and he wanted Robin to be completely unaware and shocked when it happens.

So when Robin deplaned and finally returned home, she was not expecting anything. She picked up her baggage and began to exit the airport. As she rode the escalator down towards the exit, she noticed a face in the crowd that she had wanted to see for so long.

Ben, dressed in full uniform, stood waiting at the bottom with a smile on his face. She immediately burst into tears as she had longed for this day to happen. The two embraced and hugged.

Right then and there, Ben began to unveil his surprise. He whispered into Robin’s ear, telling her how much he loved her. Then, without hesitation, he dropped onto one knee and asked the most important question he’ll ever ask in his life.

“Will you marry me?”

A touching moment for the couple. I could barely keep it together as I watched Robin reply “Yes,” while being overwhelmed with emotion.

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