Flower Girl Wedding Performance

Why hire a DJ or a band when you could have this adorable little girl sing at  your wedding?

Getting married is the start of a new life with the person you love, so what better song to sing at a wedding than “Love Is an Open Door” from the hit movie Frozen? That’s what this bridesmaid and the flower girl thought, so they decided to perform a surprise rendition of the sweet tune at this couple’s wedding. Even if you’re sick and tired of hearing about anything to do with this popular animated film, you need to see their adorable performance!

I always love it when someone surprises everyone with their own personal rendition of a popular song at a wedding and when it’s as cute as this flower girl’s performance, it ensures that this will be a wedding that no one ever forgets. This little girl and her mom left everyone in the room with a huge smile on their faces. She’s definitely so much more than just a flower girl! What makes this performance even better is that the duo performing this song are mother and daughter! Love really comes in so many forms.

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