He Designed The Most Brilliant Monopoly Board To Propose To His Girlfriend- Bridal and Formal

Recent Groom-to-be Justin came up with the best proposal idea that we have ever seen. On Christmas morning, he proposed to his longtime girlfriend, Michal, in a most ingenious way.

Justin was inspired by Michal’s love for the boardgame Monopoly. Justin set out to work with his buddy Mark Becker, a designer and craftsman. They decided to use redwood that dated back to the early 1900s and the power of graphic design, they built a fascinating custom board game.

Justin then decided to be a little extra discreet and ended up hiding the ring in the most perfect place you could imagine.

Source: LittleThings.com

For years, Justin had known that his girlfriend Michal was the one. So, a few months before Christmas, he started preparing for his grand proposal. Drawing inspiration from Michal’s favorite board game, he set out to custom design a Monopoly board with very special interactive components. Together with his good friend and craftsman, Justin built his board with an old redwood icebox from the early 1900s. He also printed out special property, chance, and community chest cards. These were totally personalized to reflect the young couple’s life together. Take this one chance card, for example. It would play a crucial role leading up to the proposal… After printing the cards out on thick card stock, the pair started painting the designs onto the redwood board. They made special gold house and hotel figurines, as well as personalized tokens. Once finished, the board was all wrapped up, and set on the table on Christmas Eve.


And, voilà! Here is the finished product in its full glory on Christmas morning.


Michal was astounded by the gift. First, she was taken on a little tour around all the stops on the board.


The names on the spaces featured places that held sentimental value to the couple, such as the streets they each grew up on.


Other places included their favorite vacation locales, such as Lake Tahoe in the Sierra Nevada, and spots in Hawaii.


It also featured two properties entitled “Home Sweet Home” and “Apt. 196,” their first home together. But between both properties was a very special space, “Luxury Tax,” which held a wonderful surprise…


When they began to play, Michal got the first roll — but little did she know that Justin had designed the dice so that it would roll 7; Michal would be forced to pull the first “Chance” card. That’s when she saw Justin’s loving proposal.


Moments later, Justin got down on one knee, pulled a long wire key from his pocket, and unlocked the “secret door” underneath the “Luxury Tax” space…


…and revealed where he’d been hiding the ring all along! He quickly slipped the ring on her finger — and what a perfect fit it was!


What a terrific way to plan a proposal. Justin put a lot of hard work into building the board, but in the end, created an exquisite memory for his love.



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