Husband Surprises Wife With ‘Cinderella’ Vow Renewal

Danielle and her husband Brian were visiting Disney World. The place is essentially a fairy tale come to life, so when a fairy godmother approached her, Danielle probably assumed it was business as usual. Then it happened. The fairy godmother waved her wand, and just like magic —bibiddi bobiddi boo — sparks actually flew out of it. The purple curtain in the room fell to the ground, and hiding behind it was a beautiful white gown. A wedding dress. 

“I think that will be a perfect fit, my dear,” the fairy godmother told her. “But there’s still something missing, there’s still something wrong… I know what you need: a handsome prince.”

That’s when Brian appears in a white tuxedo. He gets down on bended knee and asks Danielle to marry him again right then and there. There’s no surprise quite like celebrating your love. But oh, there’s another surprise. The pair’s family members show up. There’s hugs, kisses, and not a single dry eye in the room. The couple renewed their vows in their favorite place on Earth. They say fairy tales aren’t real, but for those in love, anything is possible!



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