Mermaid Crowns for our Beach Loving Brides!


When it comes to summer weddings, music festivals, and well, any other outdoor happenings, flower crowns have been the hair accessory du jour for quite a few years now. Sure, they’re pretty, but after reaching peek Instagram, they’ve kind of gotten a “been there, done that” rep.

Knowing this, it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that the time has finally come to toss those daisy-adorned crowns aside (or at least take a small hiatus from them), and try out the newest hair piece that’s more or less guaranteed to take over as the cutest, most social media-worthy accessory for summer 2016—mermaid crowns.

The trend all started with 27-year-old Chelsea Shiels, a Melbourne-based florist, who admits her inspiration comes from her love of both the beach and Ariel from The Little Mermaid, Cosmopolitan reports. Shiels began crafting mermaid crowns herself a few years ago, using seashells, pearls, gemstones and other ocean-obtained treasures, to create the intricate crowns that are clearly fit for any (mermaid) queen.

From elaborate and complicated, to elegant and simple, Shiels has created it all. Check out a few of her best examples, and click link to view the entire article and more picks from





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