This Is The Most Outrageous Wedding Cake We’ve Ever Seen

Since the age of 14, Bronwen Weber has been working in bakeries, perfecting her pastry and cake making skills. She now owns the Frosted Art Bakery in Dallas, Texas and was recently enlisted by a visionary bride who requested a sparkly, show-stopping wedding cake. In this video, courtesy of Food Network, watch Weber and her talented team create the biggest and most extravagant cake the city of Dallas has ever seen.

First, Weber needed 72 dozen eggs. And 150 pounds of fondant. Oh, and 28 pounds of Swarovski crystals! (That’s 325,000 crystals, by the way). The cake was comprised of 14 tiers of dense batter — much denser than a normal sponge cake in order to hold so many tiers and jewels. With 10,000 servings, this cake weighed a whopping 800 pounds! Are you kidding me?!

In the end, it took several people to lift and place each tier on the one below. The team had to be extremely careful while constructing the cake at the wedding venue, as one slight wrong move and the entire cake could have been destroyed in an instant. Will they be able to pull it off?! Watch the video to find out!


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