Private Family Photos of the Most Glamorous Wedding in History

Grace Kelly’s marriage to Prince Raine.

It was the most glamorous wedding of its era – and six decades later, the marriage of Oscar winning-actress Grace Kelly and Monaco’s Prince Rainier remains one of the most fairy-tale weddings of all time.

In private family photos obtained by PEOPLE and kept in the palace in Monaco, the timeless magic of April 18, 1956 can be seen both publicly and behind the scenes.

“It was such an incredible affair, and it’s left such a mark on people,” the couple’s only son and heir, Prince Albert, tells PEOPLE. “What it has meant for people has been incredible. For us, it was – and you’ll have to ask my sisters [Princess Caroline and Princess Stephanie] – for us it was our parents getting married. But what it’s meant for Monaco, for people around the world, and, how their story continues to fascinate people, that’s something unimaginable.”

Growing up, Albert recalls, “there were always pictures around the palace and other properties to remind us of the day. I got different accounts of the wedding, mostly from Mom. Then from others: from my aunts from Philadelphia who came over for it, from cousins. Those who attended who are still with us still talk about it.”

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