Sunday Funday – Fun & Unique Bridal Shower Games

We have found a couple of unique and fun shower games to get the party going for your shower. These fun and creative games will surely get everyone involved and having a good time. Share your favorite bridal shower game or story with us by leaving a comment at the bottom of this post!


BANGLE SHAKE DOWN: This is a fun game to keep your guest engaged. Before the party, come up with a short list of overused wedding-related words or exclamations (e.g. bride, wedding, dress, “Aww!”) to forbid. As each guest arrives, give her a charm bracelet with a little note listing the forbidden words and the following rules: if someone hears another person saying a word on the list at any time during the shower, she gets to take the rule-breaker’s bracelet. At the end of the party, the person with the most bracelets gets a prize—plus the chic set of bracelets on her a



NEWSPAPER WEDDING DRESS: This is a fun spin-off of the classic game, Toilet Paper Wedding Dress. Using a few weeks’ worth of the wedding announcement section of your local newspaper, your guests will make a funky wedding gown for the bride. Divide guests up into teams of three, and give them a supply of newspaper, scissors, tape and glitter. Assign each team a section of the wedding dress (e.g. sleeve, bodice, train, veil, skirt) and let them ‘sew’ away. Then, dress the bride in all the fabulously inventive pieces and have her pose for a very humorous photo-op.



FIRST KISS BRIDAL GAME: Everyone has a great ‘first kiss’ story to tell! Start with the bride and then ask each guest to tell her first kiss story. At the end, the guests can vote on the funniest or most romantic story and the winner takes home a prize. A great twist is to have everyone tell two stories: one about their best kiss and another about their worst kiss.



TAKE A YARN, TELL A YARN: This is a great icebreaker and it involves a ball of ribbon or yarn. When your guest arrive, have them take the ball of ribbon and a pair of scissors and have them cut off as much as they think they will need. Don’t say anything as to why the will need the yarn. When everyone  is sitting and absentmindedly playing with their ribbon, go around the room and have each person talk about themselves for as long as it takes to wrap the piece of yarn around their finger. Just remember, the longer the string, the longer they have to talk, and the more you get to know your guests!




MEMORY LANE MYSTERIES: This game can be quiet the sentimental favorite of every bride. When you send out the invitations to the shower include a blank note card along with a request to write down their favorite memory of the bride, groom or both of them. When the guest arrive have them drop their memories in a card box. At the shower read each memory out loud and ask the bride/groom to guess which of their guest wrote it. Remember childhood memories and milestone moments as each one reflects the personal bond that each person has with the happy couple. At the end of the day the bride has a stack of personal keepsakes to always cherish and to have.


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