Sunday Funday – Little Mermaid Wedding

With the bride’s firey red beach curls and the grooms jeans and the bridal party in colorful seashell dresses this magical wedding will make  your childhood Disney dreams come to life! 

Your Cloud Parade and singer/designer Traci Hines recently came together to create the ultimate Little Mermaid Wedding photo shoot that only exists in fairytales! This under-the-sea inspired wedding takes place at the beach and is accessorized with treats in the shapes of seashells and ocean treasures! Look at this stuff, isn’t it neat? But it can’t be complete without a wedding cake that goes beyond standards meet! 

Traci Hines plays the role of the mermaid bride, Ariel, and model Leo Camacho plays the handsome groom, Prince Eric, in this epic mock wedding. 

Check out some of the photos below for a beach wedding like you’ve never seen before! 






weddding9 weddding13 weddding12 weddding11weddding3

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Credit: Mark Brooke Photography & Mathieu Photo–molly-snelson-mathieuphoto/



  1. very attractive wedding !

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