From Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe on Friends to Blair and Serena on Gossip Girl, here are the most memorable wedding dresses to grace the small screen.

Rachel on Friends

Rachel running away from her marriage to Barry is one of several iconic Friendswedding scenes. Rocking a ’90s-style ball gown at Central Perk, this series opener sets the tone for the following 10 years together and the many milestones our favorite friends will bring. Photo: NBC/Neal Peters Collection



Blair on Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl fans may not have been rooting for this groom, but the stunning, lace Vera Wang A-line dress Blair wore at her wedding to soon-to-be ex husband Louis was fit for a princess. Photo: Getty Images


Jessa on Girls

Hannah’s boho bestie shocked us all with her surprise wedding during Girls‘ season one finale. But we can’t say we were shocked about her choice of dress: a knee-length, off-the-shoulder crochet-and-lace sheath with a flower crown and netted veil. Photo: Courtesy of Phillip V Caruso/HBO


Charlotte on Sex and the City

Of all of the weddings on Sex and the City, Charlotte’s second marriage to Harry had us the most farklempt for many reasons: Harry couldn’t break the glass at the end of their Jewish ceremony, Samantha broke her bracelet spilling beads underneath the chuppah, Charlotte slipped on the said beads after their first kiss, and, of course, she spilled red wine on her dress. One thing was a success, though — Charlotte’s stunning Badgley Mischka dress! The flutter off-the-shoulder sleeves and gentle embroidery were a romantic change from her first wedding to Trey, for which she wore a very princess-like ball gown. Photo: HBO/Courtesy of Everett Collection


Catherine from The Bachelor

Sean and Catherine, of Bachelor season 17, are one of the most popular couples from the reality TV franchise. And Catherine’s curve-hugging, lace Monique Lhuillier gown was a gorgeous pick for the winning bride. Photo: Courtesy of ABC


Robin on How I Met Your Mother

The entire final season of How I Met Your Mother was dedicated to Robin and Barney’s nuptials, so how could we not talk about Ms. Sparkle’s dress? After all, this Monique Lhuillier design, which we saw on multiple occasions, was perfect. Photo: Courtesy of CBS


Laura on General Hospital

Many different generations have watched General Hospital but one thing unites them all: Luke and Laura. While there have been many weddings on the long running soap, this was by far the most anticipated and watched. Photo: Buena Vista Television/Courtesy The Neal Peters Collection


Monica on Friends

Obviously for her marriage to fellow friend Chandler (that proposal still makes us cry), everything had to be impeccable — dress included! The streamlined trumpet spoke to Monica’s inner perfectionist, and let her shine on her big day. Photo: Getty Images


Pam on The Office

Fans of the long-running NBC sitcom rooted for Pam and Jim from the beginning, and when they finally got to tie the knot, a very pregnant Pam glowed in her flowing-empire-waisted gown. Photo: Getty Images


Lily on How I Met Your Mother

Lilypad and Marshmallow’s wedding day was quite the disaster — Marshall shaved of most of his hair, their pregnant harpist’s water broke, and Lily’s ex-boyfriend showed up to win her back — but Lily’s dress, which she scored at a sample sale with the help of bestie Robin, was just right. Photo: Courtesy of CBS


Emily on Revenge

It may have all been a rouse, but “Emily” looked incredible in her scalloped lace and tulle peplum gown for her high-society nuptials. Though the dress looked like it was plucked right off the bridal runways, the show’s costume designer, Jill Ohannesson, custom made the design herself. Photo: Courtesy of ABC


Leslie on Parks and Recreation

When Leslie and Ben’s town-wide wedding completely fails (thanks a lot, Jamm), the couple does exactly what we’d expect them to do: They get hitched in City Hall, the place where it all began. In classic Knope style, Leslie still carries her community with her in a DIY-pleated newspaper decorated skirt. Photo: Courtesy of NBC


Blair on Gossip Girl

The moment we had all been waiting for — Chuck and Blair finally tying the knot — was as good as we always dreamed. The main reason? Blair’s incredible blue Elie Saab dress and gem-encrusted headband. Photo: Courtesy of KalElCLOISfan YouTube


Miranda on Sex and the City

Stubborn as ever, Miranda refused to have a traditional wedding. So much so, that she chose a community garden as her venue and wore a velvet burgundy suit for her nuptials to longtime love (and baby daddy) Steve — and we really loved it. Photo: HBO/Courtesy of Everett Collection


Aria, Spencer, Hanna, and Emily Pretty Little Liars

No, each girl didn’t tie the knot, but they did rock gowns — Hanna and Aria both in White by Vera Wang — true to their characters for the charity fashion show they participated in. Photo: Courtesy of ABC Family


Callie and Arizona on Grey’s Anatomy

Callie and Arizona’s wedding on Grey’s Anatomy marked an important moment in TV for many reason. We love how the girls wore dresses that reflected their personalities for their same-sex nuptials. Photo: Courtesy of ABC


Serena on Gossip Girl

It was the last thing we’d ever see on Gossip Girl and it was a perfect ending to the style-centric show. Concluding the six season-long saga, Serena marries on-and-off-again love Dan in a gold-and-white Georges Chakra gown only appropriate for the ultra-glam society girl. Photo: Warner Bros./Courtesy Neal Peters Collection


Grace on Will and Grace

For awhile, it seemed like Grace would never marry and, instead, live happily-ever-after with BFF Will. But, alas, when it came time for the show’s star to tie the knot to Dr. Leo she wore a ball gown that spoke to her whimsical style and the gravity of the milestone. Photo: Getty Images


Trista on The Bachelorette

The first Bachelor nation couple to tie the knot, Trista did it up with her fairy-tale appropriate ball gown. Now, 10 years later, the Sutters are happily married and recently renewed their vows on TV!Photo: Courtesy of ABC


Becky on Full House

While we could spend many minutes harping on our inappropriate childhood crushes on Uncle Jesse, we must discuss his longtime beau Becky’s gown: The puffed off-the-shoulder sleeves and sky-high veil make for the best ’90s wedding ever. Photo: ABC/Courtesy Neal Peters Collection


Phoebe on Friends

The last of the bunch to say “I do,” the hilariously eccentric Phoebe wore an unexpectedly traditional dress for her snowy ceremony outside Central Perk to Mike Hannigan (played by a young and handsome Paul Rudd). Photo: Warner Bros./Courtesy Neal Peters Collection


Lindsay Lohan on Two Broke Girls

She may have only guest-starred, but LiLo wearing a wedding gown, nonetheless playing the part of a bridezilla, earns a spot in this roundup. Photo: Courtesy of CBS


Kelly on Saved by the Bell

Presented as a two-hour TV movie, Zack and Kelly’s wedding marked the series finale of the much-loved teen sitcom Saved by the Bell. For her Vegas nuptials with the gang, Kelly rocked a very early-90s, short-sleeve pearl-embellished ball gown. Photo: Getty Images


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