The Dad Interrupts The Bride And Groom’s Wedding Dance

bride and groom surprised their friends and family with a special dance that they had been working on for quite a while!

The last time we were this impressed by a wedding video, it was Niall Donnelly, who decided to perform his original song, “This I Promise You,” for his bride as she walked down the aisle. There’s something about sharing in an intimate, momentous wedding moment that the internet always loves. The video below is no exception.

Kyle and Nicole are wowing the guests with a near-perfect dance routine. But then, at the two-minute mark, watch as Nicole’s dad emerges from the crowd and interrupts the dance! I thought he had a bone to pick with his new son-in-law, but wait until you see the real reason this doting dad jumped onto the dance floor. I won’t give it away, because it’s simply too good.

These two have some serious dance moves, and they hit their marks like pros. The “surprise” wedding performance is always so much fun — I need to get myself to a wedding where they do this!

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