They Look Sweet During Their 1st Dance. But WAIT Until The Bride Hikes Up Her Dress…

Every couple hopes to make their wedding day one that everybody involved will always remember. But Jerusha and Michael knew they wanted to do something extra special for all their wedding guests on their big day. So, they decided to plan a little surprise for everyone during their very first dance as husband and wife. In the incredible video below, you can see how these sneaky partners in crime pull off one of the most amazing first dances we’ve ever seen! At first, Jerusha and Michael start with a touching slow dance to “You and Me” by Dave Matthews Band. Surrounded by all their friends and family, the couple’s dance absolutely stuns everyone in the room. But when the music stops, Jerusha and Michael both pretend like they have no idea what is going on! Then, suddenly, the song completely changes from the beautiful slow jam to the fast-paced “Footloose!” Michael throws on a cowboy hat and Jerusha hikes up her dress to reveal that she’s been wearing cowboy boots all along. They totally fooled everybody! Check out their awesome first dance in the video below now!

Source: Glamour Page


  1. Excellent Dance. Lovely couple

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