This Insanely Detailed ‘Harry Potter’ Wedding Might Make You Want to Tie the Knot


What happens when you put two Harry Potter fanatics together? The best novelty wedding since that scuba-diving couple who got married 15 feet under, that’s what. Newlyweds Alicia Duncan and Robert Cavaco celebrated their Florida wedding by making the Great Hall come alive. The Army couple haven’t designated which houses their own loyalties are to, but we’d be curious to see who they seated at Slytherin. Regardless, the two certainly did the books justice. Included with attendance were chocolate frogs, and a piece of house-themed cake.


The Cavacos went so far as to include wands in their engagement photos, slipping little details of the magical world into every aspect of their betrothal.


Every table within the “Great Hall” was decked out with the colors and symbols of each house.


Even the cake was a tribute.



Most importantly, though, it looks like Alicia and Robert had an amazing time.

Congratulations to the fanciful couple!


Article Source: ZIMBIO

Wedding Pictures: SO Photography 

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