Watch What Her Daughter Does While Her Boyfriend Pops The Question!

Watch how Mike ends up proposing to Carly and her daughter on this beautiful beach!

The story of how a couple met is always special. Everyone has a different story! Some people meet for the first time on an airplane, while others meet through mutual friends or even at a wedding!

Nowadays, online dating is becoming a more popular way for couples to meet.

While online dating has stirred up some controversy throughout the years, it has led to a lot of great, loving relationships.

One app that has changed the way people look at online dating is Tinder.

The couple in this video below, Mike and Carly, actually met on Tinder!

After dating for a while, Mike decided to ask Carly to marry him.

He also thought it would be great to make a video of the big day when he proposes to Carly and her daughter.

After much thought, he knew his plan. He would set up boards in the sand at Naples Beach and those signs would lead Carly and her little girl to him.


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