The Wedding of Darcy & Jason

Thursday, October 19, 2017

A Beautiful Ireland Wedding!

Jason and I were married on the first of July at St. Patrick’s Church in Doon, Co. Limerick, Ireland. He is Irish and I am American, but my great-grandparents are from the very same village he is. So, the church we were married in was the same one that both of our ancestors would have taken their vows in. It was truly special as my family heritage was making a full circle.
My father and I had stopped in the pub for one last drink together before going to the ceremony, and as we went in the bartender was telling us how the photographer had to chase Jason and his groomsmen out as I was headed down and they were supposed to be in another pub!
We were so blessed in the number of friends and family that traveled to Ireland from all over the world to celebrate with us. Many from across the US (From Oregon to New York and in between), Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and England! The ceremony was beautiful, and afterward, as Jason has played Hurling (a Gaelic sport) all his life we had the Hurley Guard of Honor as we exited the church.
Our reception was at the Lakeside Hotel in Killaloe, Co. Clare and while the morning had been misty and typical Irish weather, the evening couldn’t have been more beautiful. We had Cocktail Hour in the gardens overlooking Lough Derg and as dinner was coming to an end, there was an important hurling match that had been on and we all scuttled to the lobby to see the final few minutes, but not before my Brothers surprised us with a toast in the form of a Limerick. They thought it would be suiting as we were living in Limerick. Everyone had a great laugh and the dancing and celebrating went on until 4 in the morning! All of the Americans who came over loved the Irish wedding and they all especially loved the tea break at midnight. I tried to tell them but they thought I was kidding. The music stops, everyone sits, and outcomes sandwiches, fish and chips, and duck wraps as well as cake, tea, and coffee. We didn’t want the night to end as we knew it would be a few years before we would see some of our friends and family again, but there came a time when we had to go to bed and prepare for the second day of festivities at our local pub.
My mother and I only had a week to go dress shopping as I was just home in the US and was headed to Long Island right up until I was to move to Ireland. Bridal and Formal was amazing from the moment we arrived. Iris helped me find the perfect dress and even knew the veil to go with it (Something I didn’t even think about!). The selection was amazing and I couldn’t have been happier. They were even able to
ensure that my dress would be in before December (my mother was bringing it to Ireland for me at Christmas so I could get it fitted).

-Darcy R.




Bridal Gown by Maggie Sottero, style Andrea and in the Light Gold/Pearl/Pewter color.
Veil by: PARIS by Debra Moreland, style Where or When and in the Blush color.
Wedding Location: Doon, Co. Limerick, Ireland
Photography by: Paula Gillespie




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