The Wedding of Samantha & James

The whole day was my favorite, I can’t pick out specific memories 🙂
From the very start of the day I was so relaxed, watching my friends get ready in the bridal suite while we sipped on mimosas at 10am. The day was hot, and I was definitely sweating, but I didn’t care and didn’t seem to notice after we did our first look. We had so much fun, from pictures to the ceremony to the reception… I drank in every moment and sincerely had a blast. I couldn’t even cry because I was smiling so much.

I absolutely LOVED my experience with Bridal and Formal.
After visiting several bridal shops that day with my friends and family, I was starting to think I wouldn’t get “that feeling” when I found the dress, and thought I would need to finally just pick one of the many dresses I tried on. Bridal and Formal was the last appointment we had for the day, and honestly we were pretty tired, worn out, and a little disappointed with the previous store visits.
But my consultant had so much energy, she pepped us up again. After trying on a few dresses she started to notice a pattern of which dresses I liked and disliked, and eventually went back to the dress room to pick out dresses that I had not originally picked. I loved all of her choices.
When trying on my second to last dress (her choice), I felt it. That moment I was waiting for. This was the dress. She must have saw the glisten in my eyes because she took me to the “sparkle room” where she put on the veil. But, because I needed to be absolutely sure, I tried on some of the other dresses one more time. Nothing compared to our consultant’s choice dress… nothing. Thus, I put the dress on again. She must have sensed the feeling I had (again) because she then “took me to Paris”. Where I was made up with a veil, other hair accessories, belt, jewelry, etc. So. Many. Tears. My family and friends walked in once I was all dolled up, and again more tears. This was definitely the dress.  There’s no way I could have picked a better dress without the help of Lacrecia. She was fun, peppy, and kept our spirits high even though I tried on SO many dresses and it was the end of the day. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone.

Thank you!

Samantha G.


Bridal Gown by: Maggie Sottero, Marigold and in the Ivory/Pewter color.

Bridal Sash by: Mori Lee, style 11020 and in the Blush color.

Ceremony and Reception Location: The Josephina

Photography by: Ben Keeling




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