The Wedding of Tyler & Brad

Although my husband and I were engaged for over 4 years we randomly decided in November of 2015 to get married only five months later on March 19, 2016. Since we only had five months it was crunch time. One of the most important aspects of planning your wedding is finding the perfect dress! Finding your dream dress can help you decide the feel of your day as well as theme and decor. Well to say the least, I now had very limited time to find my fairytale dress and have it ordered, shipped, and altered by our wedding date. Whew, was I nervous! I came to Bridal and Formal thinking it was impossible to find the perfect dress in that amount of time. To my surprise I was wrong. They directed me to a few designers that were known for being able to provide beautiful and unique dresses in a speedy manner. I immediately fell in love with what designer Maggie Sottero had to offer. I tried on about 15 to 20 dresses and was surprised when I could not decide between three of Maggie Sottero’s dresses. I fell in love with THREE of these gorgeous dresses when I thought it would be difficult finding just one that I loved. This is where it became a problem although, a good problem to have. I am known for being very indecisive but had help from not only a few family members and friends but numerous staff members from Bridal and Formal. They made me feel so special when multiple members of the staff made a point to come in to see what dresses I had narrowed it down to and to also give me their opinions which I really appreciated since they are in fact the professionals. When I finally decided on my dress a couple hours later I cried in excitement and they cheered for me! Again making me feel so beautiful and special. This experience was the epitome of what I had envisioned of being the perfect bridal dress shopping adventure. I am so pleased with my wonderful experience and the gorgeous gown I chose. I am not lying when I say I was given an overwhelming amount of compliments the day of our wedding. Numerous guests as well as my seamstress stated that it was the most stunningly beautiful and unique dress they had ever seen! What a magical day!

My favorite memories of my wedding day were when my father and my groom saw me for the first time. Both of these moments were so special and not only did I cry but my father and my groom did as well. It was such a heartfelt and meaningful experience that I will never forget!

Thank you!


Tyler M.


Bridal Gown by: Maggie Sottero, style Riviera and in the Pearl with Gold/Pewter/Pearl Accent

Ceremony and Reception Location: Longworth Hall

Photography by: Lory Rosselot Photography




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