Tiara Tuesday – Enamel Pieces

Popular demand for light, opal inspired wedding accessories and more subtle headpieces has resulted in the introduction of innovative materials into most bridal collections. 
Headbands and combs crafted with enamel sculptured leaves and flowers add femininity to a headpiece and offer a lighter look than using just crystals or jewels. A silver enamel bridal headband will usually combine translucent crystal beads and a light silver finish to create an overall subtle shimmer rather than a bold dazzle. This type of accessory will appeal to 2015 brides looking for silvery, white tones for a Grecian or Destination style wedding as well as a chic, vintage look.


Top Left to Right: Ghost Belt, Undertow Brooch and Animal Crackers Headwrap.


Bottom Left to Right: Animal Crackers Brooch, Rose Tatto, Patty Cakes, Irene Brooch and Fools Paradise.



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