Paris by Debra Moreland featured on the Runway

Debra Moreland lives her passion each day by creating bridal accessories that celebrate great occasions in a woman’s life. For Debra, the creative process is an evolution; every bridal ornament she’s designed the past 30 years becomes the foundation for future new pieces. Compare it to turning the pages of a book. Debra’s encyclopedic understanding of bridal fashion coupled with her deep-rooted OR profound love of art, cinema, nature, music and popular culture have shaped an authentic language all her own. Debra’s beautiful pieces have been featured at the New York Bridal Market with the amazing designer Anne Barge for her runway show. Take a look below at some of the pictures from their runway show that show off just some of these incredible pieces from Paris by Debra Moreland.

Source: Vogue

paris-01 paris-02 paris-03 paris-04 paris-05 paris-06 paris-07 paris-08 paris-09 paris-10 paris-11 paris-12 paris-13 paris-14 paris-15 paris-16 paris-17



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