14 Unique and Special Grooms Cake

A groom’s cake  is intended to be a gift from the bride to the groom and it is usually dark (often chocolate or liquor-soaked) and designed with a nod toward what’s traditionally considered “masculine”.

The groom’s cake can be used for many purposes. You can use it from desert at the rehearsal dinner to an alternative choice to the bride’s cake at the wedding. You can put the cake to the bride’s cake and later cut and put into boxes for guests to take home.

Legend has it that single women are supposed to sleep with a slice under their pillow the same night and if they do, they’ll dream of their future husband.

If you box up the slices of groom’s cake you can use as your wedding favor. If you go this route, take advantage of the opportunity to get creative with the packaging — an additional way to reflect your bridal style.

You generally want the groom’s cake to reflect their interests and hobbies.

Whatever you decide, gifting your new husband with his own cake is something you should do because you want to……..not because you feel obligated.

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