Maura to the Rescue!

Prior to my visit at Bridal and Formal, I had a not so great experience at
another shop. After trying on about 20 dresses and feeling like the
consultant just wasn’t listening to me, I was defeated to say the least.
Upon walking into Bridal and Formal, I was assigned to Maura as my
consultant. Immediately Maura convinced me that everything was going to be
okay. With no pictures to go on (the prior shop had kept them!!), Maura was
able to get my vision. I really felt that she listened to me and cared about
finding a dress for me that I loved. After about five dresses, Maura pulled
the most gorgeous dress that was everything I had been describing. Not only
was she very patient and kind, but she really pulled off an impossible sale.
I walked into the store only because my mom and sister insisted we go and
continue looking for dresses. I had no intention of finding a dress, and
quite frankly was in a terrible mood after the previous shopping experience.
Maura made me feel as if we were starting fresh. She made me feel
comfortable and beautiful in everything I tried on and really and made me
feel like she cared more about making me happy than making a sale. I have
nothing but positive remarks about the salon and the employees.
Thanks so much to Maura and everyone for a wonderful wedding gown shopping

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