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(Assistant Bridesmaids Managers)


  •  Currently a BRIDE-TO-BE! (Tying the knot this October!)
  •  My favorite bridesmaids designer is Amsale their dresses are simple, easy to wear, and always look classy. My bridesmaids will definitly be rocking Amsale on my wedding day.
  • When I’m not at work you will find me outdoors, spending time with my dogs, or being crafty in someway!


  • Better known as “Flick” here at Bridal & Formal
  • Currently a student and the University of Cincinnati so in my free time i’m hitting the books.
  • If you hear someone singing off key while in our store it’s most likely me. 


  • I’m the newest addition to the bridesmaids crew and also the craftiest. I can pretty much make anything on my cricut. 
  • I’m currently studying communication at the University of Cincinnati.
  • Chicken Tenders & Sushi are my favorite foods (but not together of course).


  •  I love learning all the new bridal trends and bringing that into my work. 
  • I advise all my brides to be ahead of the game and have everything organsized the day before the wedding so that you can truely enjoy your wedding day. 
  • When i’m not at the B&F you’ll find me coaching my cheerleaders to victory! 
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