Club Dress FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I put a dress on hold?​

Yes, you can hold a dress for one week with a deposit.

Can I put a dress in Layaway?​

Yes, based on the price of the dress, we offer a one-month layaway with weekly payments.

Do you do alterations?

No, but we can provide you with a list of recommendations for people around your area.

How often do you get new dresses in?​

We receive shipments everyday so we are always getting new ones in.

Can you order a dress in for me?​

No we do not do special order, but we do purchase over 1500 dresses so you have the best variety to choose from.

Are the dresses discounted and what is the price range?​

No, they are not discounted but they are very reasonably priced. Ranging from $99-$800

What sizes do the dresses come in?​

We have dresses ranging from size 00-26

Do you have private dressing rooms?

Yes but space is limited. We do have large community dressing rooms that do not require a wait.