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Meet Our Team


Tina (General Manager)

  • I’ve been part of the Bridal and Formal family for 32 years, ask me anything!
  • If you see me without a pair of heels on something is definitely wrong!
  • I’m a Disney fanatic! I even have 3 Disney-themed Christmas trees during the holidays.

Staci (Sales Manager)

  • I’ve been part of the Bridal and Formal family for over 15 years, I’ve worked in every department so I know the store inside and out.
  • You can hear me from anywhere in the store, I’m the loudest one here! 

Sabrina (Bridesmaids Manager)

  • I love being a mom to my sweet baby girl Ella Jo as well as my two fur babies. 
  • My favorite bridesmaids designer is Amsale their dresses are simple, easy to wear, and always look classy. My bridesmaids obviously rocked Amsale on my wedding day.
  • When I’m not at work you will find me outdoors, spending time with my dogs and family, or being crafty in someway!

Morgan (Bridesmaids Assistant Manager)

  • I have a different hair color every few months. 
  • My favorite part about my job is that I have the ability to make peoples dream weddings come true.
  • I try to tell my brides to not sweat the small stuff and as long as the bride is having a good time everyone else will too– everyone loves a happy bride!

Dani (Special Occasions Manager)

  • I started working with the Bridal and Formal family in 2013 and I’ve loved every day of it!
  • I think style is so personal. I love being able to dress up my brides so you can see their personalities shine through on their wedding day!
  • I love staying up to date on the newest fashion trends. I am always looking for ways to try something new and piece together my customers looks from head to toe. 

Bridal Consultants


  • I’m a future criminal defense attorney in the making, so when my time isn’t occupied by work and school, I love spending my free time at the lake and with my dog.
  • If you’re looking for a unique bridesmaids style, Amsale is the designer for you, they’re absolutely one of the best designers to go with!
  • My favorite bridal designer is Watters, as I love non-traditional styles!


  • I love to drink wine and have wine tastings at Cooper’s Hawk.
  • My motto is “when all else fails try on an Eddy K!”
  • Spending time with my grandkids is my favorite pastime!
  •  I love to make my bride’s dreams come true! And most importantly making sure they are comfortable!


  •  I enjoy being apart of your special day. I always tell my brides that I am their “girlfriend consultant” because I want them to know that I have their back and will help support their wedding vision!
  • When I’m not at work, I am doing makeup, spray tans–basically anything makeup related I love! 
  •  I try my best to go above and beyond for my brides because I really do want their bridal experience to be extra special!


  • I’ve been wearing my fanny pack and working my bridal magic here at Bridal and Formal since the 1900s (aka 23 years).
  • The look a bride gets on her face when she realizes that THIS is the dress she wants to walk down the aisle in is what gets me excited to come to work. 
  •  I can’t wait to help my daughters find their wedding dresses one day!


  • Maggie Sottero and Randy Fenoli are my two favorite designers. I absolutely love both due to their quality, size inclusiveness, and overall look. I’m a sucker for unique lace or some bling or a fun hidden detail (hello pockets!)
  • I just recently got married to my husband who is a marine, so in my spare time you’ll find me video chatting with him or hanging out with my bird and my dog.
  • I’m also a huge makeup hoarder so when you come into the store look for the girl with the bold eye shadow!


  • Often found dancing her way through the racks with a giant smile on her face! 
  • I think the perfect wedding is all about who you and your fiancé are and what makes you happy. So incorporate those
    things on your wedding day!
  •  In my spare time you will find me spending quality time with my awesome husband or out in the in stable with my horses.


  • I love all things outdoors: national parks, hiking, traveling, camping, you name it!
  • I always tell my brides the 3 most important things when looking for a dress: you feel confident, comfortable, and beautiful. That way you can be at peace and take in all the joy of your wedding day!
  • The Watters lines are my favorites! I’m a sucker for a good boho look!

Sam (Front Desk & Bridal Consultant)

  • I’m a new mom to my sweet baby boy Hollon.
  • I’m also a bride to be! I’m getting married next October!
  • I’ve been working at Bridal and Formal on and off since high school, its my second home!

Emily (Front Desk Supervisor)

  • I’ve been working at Bridal and Formal since I was 15!
  • When you walk into the store, I’m most likely going to be the first friendly face you will see!
  • I also write all of our award winning blogs and I am part of our social media trio.

Bridesmaids Consultants

Tessa (Bridesmaids & Social Occasion Consultant)

  • When its prime prom and homecoming season you can find me in our social occasions department helping girls find the perfect dress!
  • I just graduated from Ross high school in 2021 and I will be attending Miami Hamilton for College!
  • I love when girls go out of their comfort zone and rock something fun and trendy for prom or homecoming!


  • I started working at Bridal and Formal in 2017 and enjoyed every second of it.
  • My favorite thing about my job is that it keeps me on my toes. From learning my bride’s vision to a unique style, I’m always up for a challenge.
  • Along working at the bridesmaid’s desk, you’ll also find me at the bridal desk.. or working as a bridal consultant.. or working as a bridesmaids consultant. I do it all!


  • I’m currently studying psychology at Miami University.
  • Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my family, baking, and traveling. I love anything to do with art and photography. 
  • My favorite designer is Mori Lee because they have a lot of different styles that look good on all body types!

Alex (Mother's Specialist)

  • I just moved back from Los Angeles and I’m happy to be back in Cincinnati!
  • I love working with Mom’s and helping them find a dress they feel beautiful in. 
  • I am a proud mom of a 7 year-old Maine Coon.


  • I love learning all the new bridal trends and bringing that into my work. 
  • I advise all my brides to be ahead of the game and have everything organized the day before the wedding so that you can truly enjoy your wedding day. 
  • When I’m not at Bridal and Formal you’ll find me coaching my cheerleaders to victory!