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Meet Our Team

Iris (Bridal Consultant)

  • Born in Puerto Rico, making me an Island girl at heart.
  • I love teaching my brides “The Art of Pose” while finding them the perfect wedding gown. I help them find their best angles including hand placement, shoulder movements, and most importantly how to walk down the aisle!
  •  When I’m not at work you will find me either working out or spending time with my Russian hubby learning each others native languages.

Tina (General Manager)

  • I’ve been apart of the bridal and formal family for 31 years, ask me anything!
  • If you see me without a pair of heels on something is definitely wrong!
  • I’m a Disney fanatic! I even have 3 Disney themed Christmas trees during the holidays!

Mary (Bridal Consultant)

  • Mary was a killer florist before she became a bridal consultant. So expect the best advice on your wedding flowers  when working with Mary!
  • You can find me cooking up a storm in my kitchen when I’m not at work.  We even have a group chat called “What’s Mary Having for Dinner?”.
  •  Though I love being in the kitchen there is nothing better then spending time with my husband, our 2 daughters, and our 2 dogs Chester & Ginger.

Bobbi (Bridal Consultant)

  • Often found dancing her way through the racks.
  • I think the perfect wedding is all about who you and your fiancé are and what makes you happy. So incorporate those
    things on your wedding day!
  •  In my spare time you will find me spending quality time with my awesome husband or out in the in stable with my horses.

Katelyn (Sales Manager)

  • Not only will you find me helping brides find their perfect dress but I help complete the look with the best accessories to match!  
  • I also manage our social occasions department, I help keep our website and social media on point!
  • In my spare time you’ll find me spending time with my AMAZING husband Jake and our 3 doggos Raylan, Scout, and Cannon.

Lacrecia (Bridal Consultant)

  • I’ve been wearing my fanny pack and working my bridal magic here at Bridal and Formal since the 1900s (aka 23 years).
  • The look a bride gets on her face when she realizes that THIS is the dress she wants to walk down the aisle in is what get me excited to come to work. 
  •  I can’t wait to help my daughters find their wedding dresses one day!

Staci (Sales Manager)

  • I’ve been apart of the bridal and formal family for over 15 years, I’ve worked in every department so I know the store inside and out.
  • You can hear me from anywhere in the store, I’m the loudest one here!
  • In my spare time I’m taking care of at least 5 children, 3 of which are my own.

Sandra (Bridal Consultant)

  • Born in England you’ll find my bloody accent a fun part of your appointment. 
  • My motto “when all else fails try on an Eddy K!”
  •  You’ll most likely be hearing from me even after you get your dress! I love to keep in contact with my brides whether its through social media or by text!

Sally (Bridal Consultant)

  • Sally is by far the kindest and sweetest person here at Bridal and Formal! Her specialty is making brides look like they just came from getting their hair done while saying Yes to their Dress!
  • I feel like its important to build a friendship with my brides so I can get a take on their personal style and help set the tone for their big day. 
  • I’m also a interior designer! In my spare time you’ll find me painting and spending time with my two beautiful sons and our dog! 

Molly (Bridal Consultant)

  • I’m a really direct person so expect full honesty during your bridal appointment with me.
  • My favorite thing about my job is fully understanding a bride’s vision and being able to create the perfect look for her based on her vision!
  • I’m the wittiest future lawyer you’ll ever meet.

Jen (Bridal Consultant)

  • Maggie Sottero and Randy Fenoli are my two favorite designers. I absolutely love both due to their quality, size inclusiveness, and overall look. I’m a sucker for unique lace or some bling or a fun hidden detail (hello pockets!)
  • I just recently got engaged to my fiancé who is a marine, so in my spare time you’ll find me video chatting with him or hanging out with my bird and my dog.
  • I’m also a huge makeup hoarder so when you come into the store look for the girl with the bold eye shadow!

Courtney (Bridal Consultant)

  • I’m currently a student the the University of Cincinnati studying Dietetics. 
  • My favorite part of my job is getting to be apart of the moment when my bride realizes they found their dress… it is such a sweet and happy moment that they get to share with those closest to them. (I’m known to be a social crier so don’t be surprised if I cry happy tears with you).
  • When I’m not working or studying you could find me walking my sweet pup Keely, or working out. In the colder months I love to ski! 

Emily S. (Bridal Consultant)

  • I’m originally from Cleveland but fell in love with Cincinnati after attending UC. Now I work for a residential home developer as well as working at Bridal and Formal- best jobs ever!
  • The best part about my job is connecting with brides and making their dream dress a reality!
  • I love old buildings, national parks, and almost any DIY project I can get my hands on. 

Emily K.(Front Desk Supervisor)

  • I’ve been working at bridal and formal since I was 15!
  • When you walk into the store, I’m most likely going to be the first friendly face you will see!
  • I also write all of our award winning blogs and I am apart of our social media trio!

Sabrina (Bridesmaids Managers)

  • I’m a soon to be mom! We can’t wait to meet our little girl Ella Jo this coming May 2021!
  •  My favorite bridesmaids designer is Amsale their dresses are simple, easy to wear, and always look classy. My bridesmaids obviously rocked Amsale on my wedding day.
  • When I’m not at work you will find me outdoors, spending time with my dogs and husband,  or being crafty in someway!

Madi (Bridesmaids & Prom Consultant)

  • Better known as “Flick” here at Bridal & Formal.
  • Currently I’m in nursing school at Christ Hospital so in my free time I’m usually hitting the books of course while cuddling my new puppers Ivy! 
  • If you hear someone singing off key it’s most likely me.

Molida (Bridesmaids Consultant)

  • Better known as Mo!
  •  Along with being a bridesmaids consultant I’m also one of the faces behind our social media! 
  • My family is from Cambodia. 
  • Currently I am studying marketing at Miami University, and I’m teaching myself graphic design on the side!

Tara (Bridesmaids Consultant)

  • I’m the biggest soccer fan here at Bridal & Formal.
  • I’m currently studying to be a children’s psychologist.
  • In my spare time you will find me being adventurous. I love to hike and be outdoors.

Madeline (Bridesmaids Consultant)

  • I’m a future lawyer in the making so when my time isn’t occupied by work and school, I love spending my free time at the lake and with my dogs.
  • If you’re looking for a unique style Amsale is the designer for you, they’re absolutely one of the best designers to go with!
  • I’m always keeping up with trends in bridesmaids and in ready to wear!

Shelby (Bridesmaids Consultant)

  • I’m the craftiest in the bridesmaids department . I can pretty much make anything on my cricut. 
  • I’m currently studying communication at the University of Cincinnati.
  • Chicken Tenders & Sushi are my favorite foods (but not together of course.

Shaunte (Bridesmaids Consultant)

  • I love learning all the new bridal trends and bringing that into my work. 
  • I advise all my brides to be ahead of the game and have everything organized the day before the wedding so that you can truly enjoy your wedding day. 
  • When I’m not at the B&F you’ll find me coaching my cheerleaders to victory!