Sunday, March 19, 2017


This is a sure fire way to “WOW” your wedding guest! Take a look from Jody and Frank’s wedding in Manakin-Sabot, Virginia, and you will want to rent a miniature pony to be your colorful unicorn for the day.

Jody and Frank pulled off some of the coolest wedding trends of the year thanks to Kim Moody Design. Not only did they have a live unicorn petting station, but they also had dangling flower isntallations, signature cocktails, multiple food stations, aerial performers, late-night eats, lawn games and a whole lot more. Their wedding was even more magicial beacuse of how thoughtfully and passionately they wove their personal narratives, fammily traditions and private jokes into every aspect of their celebration. Their choice of decadent food and drink selections paid homage to their hometowns, travels, grandparents or their favorite memories.

Out of all the incredible amentites and personal references, the favorite part of this wedding has to be the sweet miniature pony from the Teeny Tiny Farm. This four-legged cutie was a symbol of both how magical their day was and also a nod to an inside joke between friends and coworkers.

See photos of the unicorn below. Source: The Knot